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Case Stories
Zabina's Story

All Zabina wanted was to finish college...

She was a straight A student with a bright future, but when her parents told that she could not complete her studies, she decided to leave. She was just 17 when she left home with only £20 in her pocket and a carrier bag of clothes and books

Like many young women in her situation, she felt trapped by the traditions and cultural expectations placed upon her and she felt that without her education, her life would be limited. She found herself vunerable to the pray of so called 'friends' who played on her naive sense of trust so she quickly learnt to trust no one.

Eventually, Zabina re took her A levels and is now a teacher. She is still hopeful of reconciliation with her parents and is now a stronger person.

                                                                     "I just didnt know where to turn or who to trust"


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